Steak and Shake Menu Prices 2023 (Best Delicious Steakburger in Town)

Do you crave some top-notch steakburgers and milkshakes? Steak n’ Shake is widely known for all of this delicious food!

As you may have figured by now, where the name came from, their famous burgers are loved by many due to their fresh-from-the-grill meat.

The Steak and Shake menus are split into two categories: steakburgers and milkshakes.

The Steakburger combos include a delicious double steakburger with cheese – for the lovers of meat, a single steakburger, the Frisco melt, the bacon cheese double steak for the people who love the fried taste, not for the vampires – the garlic double steakburger, Truffle Steakburger, and the BBQ bacon steakburger.

The Milkshake menus include all the classic tastes. The delicious milkshake is made of real milk with freshly made whipped cream and a little cherry on top.

The milkshake menus are split into the classic one and the special one. Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and banana milkshake are from the classic menu.

The more complex milkshakes are the Oreo cookie and cream, the oreo cookie mint, the famous chocolate chip cookie dough, M&M’s, kit kat, snickers, Nutella, and Reese’s chocolate peanut butter.

You can also get 4 meals for under 4 dollars. The burgers that are included in this deal are the garlic single steakburger, the double steakburger with cheese, the butter single steakburger, and the steak frank.

If you are a fan of chili, you can get them at the Steak and Shake restaurant alongside some cheese fries, onion rings, or fries.

There is the possibility of making everything on the menus a combo, meaning small fries and a regular drink.

Steak and Shake Steakburger & Specialty Combos

Double Steakburger with Cheese770$6.58
Single Steakburger with Cheese620$6.09
Double Steakburger Double Cheese770$7.18
Frisco Melt Combo1200$8.99
Triple Steakburger (3x cheese)1080$10.78
Western BBQ & Bacon Steakburger1030$8.99
Double Garlic Steakburger970$8.99
Double Bacon & Cheese Steakburger 840$8.99
Double Butter Steakburger1110$9.08
Single Garlic Steakburger830$6.58
Single Bacon & Cheese Steakburger700$7.58
Grilled Cheese860$6.78
Single Butter Steakburger970$6.58
Steak Frank630$7.28

Steakburgers & Specialties

Double Steakburger with Cheese530$3.79
Steakburger with Cheese390$3.30
Double Steakburger Double Cheese530$4.39
Frisco Melt1200$6.20
Triple Steakburger (3x cheese)840$7.99
Western BBQ & Bacon Steakburger790$6.20
Double Garlic Steakburger730$6.20
Double Bacon & Cheese Steakburger600$6.20
Double Butter Steakburger870$6.29
Single Garlic Steakburger590$3.79
Single Bacon & Cheese Steakburger460$4.79
Grilled Cheese620$3.99
Single Butter Steakburger730$3.79
Steak Frank390$4.49


Peppermint Chocolate ChipKids520$3.99
Classic ChocolateKids380$3.29
Egg NogKids380$3.99
Classic StrawberryKids400$3.29
Vanilla (Classic)Kids400$3.29
Banana (Classic)Kids420$3.29
Cake For BirthdayKids500$3.99
Cotton CandyKids370$3.99
Reese’s Peanut Butter (Chocolate)Kids560$3.99
Chocolate Chip Cookie DoughKids510$3.99
Reese’s Peanut ButterKids550$3.99
Kit KatKids460$3.99
OREO Cookies & CreamKids490$3.99
OREO MintKids510$3.99
Reese’s Peanut Butter CupKids530$3.99

4 Under $4

Steakburger with Cheese & FriesDouble770$3.99
Butter Steakburger ‘N FriesSingle970$3.99
Garlic Steakburger ‘N FriesSingle830$3.99
Chili Deluxe1 Cup500$3.99

Kids Menu

Steakburger with Cheese Meal310$4.99
Grilled Cheese Meal630$3.99
Steakburger Meal310$4.99
Hot Dog Meal380$4.49

Chili & Sides

Chili Mac1200$5.69
Genuine ChiliCup330$3.49
Chili 5-Way1160$6.19
Cheese FriesSmall320$3.09
Thin ‘n Crispy FriesSmall240$2.29
Onion RingsMedium330$2.89


Diet CokeKids$1.39
Coke ZeroKids$1.39
Dr PepperKids90$1.39
Fanta OrangeKids60$1.39
Barq’s Root BeerKids70$1.39
Hi-C Fruit PunchKids60$1.39
Minute Maid LemonadeKids70$1.39
Sweet Iced TeaKids70$1.39
Iced TeaKids$1.39
Premium Blend CoffeeRegular$1.00
Dasani Bottled Water0+$1.99
Chocolate Milk150+$1.99

Our Favorite Steak and Shake Food Items

The popular food items at Steak and Shake are pretty remarkable. Each burger has a special item or an extra ingredient that makes the clients come for seconds.

This restaurant tried and succeeded in having the most delightful burgers and milkshakes.

01. Double n’ Cheese Steakburger

Among the most loved burgers is the double cheese steakburger. This burger gets all the classic ingredients but that makes it special!

The thin slice of cheese, the tomatoes, pickles, onions, fresh lettuce, mayonnaise, mustard, and ketchup hug all together the fantastic double meat. You can order this burger with fries as a side.

02. White Truffle Steakburger

This is a special offer and you’ll see why. Why? You may ask, well, because this burger has truffles.

Customers usually go for this combo because of the mixture between soft beef, caramelized onion, and truffle aioli sauce.

Adding to this are some delicious mushrooms and grilled cheese. What can be more delicious?

03. Chili 5-way

It looks like a side has made its way up on the top most-liked dishes from Steak and Shake. This dish is popular because of its chili taste.

The meal comprises spaghetti, chili, onions, cheddar cheese, and chili beef. Top this all off with some spicy chili sauce.

This special is for meat lovers and spice lovers with a twist. You can’t really find this meal anywhere besides Steak and Shake, so don’t miss the occasion.

04. Bacon Cheese Fries

Another side makings its appearance on the top for its melted cheese over the fries and smoked bacon. This dish is one of the most preferred upgraded fries, although they are a little pricey.

05. Caramel Nut Milkshake

This shake is made from real milk and whipped cream. This flavor is so special because it has a mixture between the caramel soft topping and the nuts that cover the whipped cream.

How To Order From Steak and Shake

If you want to order, you should do so from their official website or third-party apps like Postmates and Doordash.

You should click on the yellow “Order Online” button to order from their website in the top right corner.

From there, you can choose pickup/delivery/curbside and the address according to your previous choice. After this, start your order and wait for it to be done.

Payment Methods

Their payment options are:

  • VisaCard
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover Credit Cash
  • Cash
  • Pay App
  • gift cards

Delivery Methods

Steak and Shake restaurants have different types of delivery methods.

Before choosing one method, check if your local restaurant really has this option – this can differ from town to town.

In StoreAvailable
Drive ThruAvailable
Home DeliveryAvailable
Curbside PickupAvailable

Important Links of Steak and Shake

Here is some important information about the Steak N Shake restaurant.

Office Address107 S Pennsylvania St, Indianapolis, IN
Contact Number +1 317-633-4100.
Official Website  
Online Order  
Gift Cards  
Their Story  
Photo Credit;, CC

About Steak and Shake

This restaurant got its roots way back – they first started their restaurant in 1934.

They were the first people to introduce this “steak” concept into the burgers.

Their classic steakburgers and milkshakes have made history ever since the 30s.

Their meat also has a certain tradition and history, knowing they only gave their customers the best beef.

The burgers have a different taste from what we are accustomed to, so it’s refreshing changing this once in a while.

Since their beginning, they now raised to a number of around 630 restaurants around the US.

Related Questions

Are The Steakburgers Actually Made of Steak?

Indeed, it is hard to believe that this kind of burger exists and is tasty as the restaurant is saying. Nonetheless, it is true. Their burgers are made of mashed steak.

What Can You Get From The Steak and Shake products?

If you are likely to stop by a Steak and shake restaurant, know that you can get yourself a free portion of fries.

Can I Get Discounts At Steak n’ Shake?

For sure, get yourself their mobile app and you can get a free milkshake. Besides that, keep an eye out on their official website, as they often present discounts.

Do Steak and Shake Use Real Milk For Their Milkshake?

The restaurant uses real fresh milk and with that, they are making their special real ice cream.

Why Are Their Fries and Steak So Good?

Their great cooks carefully make their taste, the meat is made in its savory sauce alongside their unique ingredients.

Final Words

This restaurant is just for you if you want some tasty steakburgers and milkshakes.

Stay a little for their amazing steakburgers combos and get yourself their delicious milkshakes! You won’t regret it.