A Local Legend.

We’re living in an unprecedented and historical time. More than ever, Americans are reminded that local flavors and classic recipes from our favorite restaurants are the souls of our city blocks. These traditional flavors tell endless stories of our diligence, dreams, and resilience as a culture. When times of uncertainty swirl, it’s proven we gravitate towards the comfort of flavors that remind us of simpler times, made with ingredients that keep us strong and healthy—all to be shared with the ones we love. In an age of multicultural flavors, Chef Daniel Shemtob has looked towards something we all seek to endeavor—warm familiarity—which is The Spot Gourmet.

Despite what you think, nostalgia is an incredible ingredient. Umami of the mind is found in favorites from The Spot Gourmet, such as the classic Chicken Caesar and savory Vegetable Lasagna, to the signature Lemon Artichoke Chicken and, the Spot’s classic Spinach Artichoke Dip. The Spot Gourmet offers meals that brighten the palate and are always made with the healthiest and highest quality ingredients.

SPOT Clients

What our clients say...

“Kennedy & Associates exclusively relies on The Spot for all catering services. Their service is simply outstanding and their food is exceptional. From catering events honoring First Lady Michelle Obama, to those on behalf of U.S. Senators John Kerry, Chuck Schumer, Patrick Leahy, Harry Reid, Governors Tim Kaine and Jim Doyle, and Hon. Gavin Newsom, through community-organizing occasions for Women Supporting Change and other non-profits, The Spot consistently provides service, delicious food and reliability.”

– Kennedy & Associates

“The Spot is a class act! Whether the order is for a lavish buffet, a delivered lunch, or a catered party, the Spot delivers. I have count on them for consistently delicious and beautifully arranged fare and impeccable service.”

– DOREEN OLESON, Ed.D., Head of School, Saint Mark’s School

“The Spot tops the chart in reliability, delicious and interesting fare and great service. They’re creative and Patty and her staff are easy to work with, fair, and so accommodating. It’s total satisfaction.”

– PENNY SPARK SoCal Home Improvement

“The Spot Gourmet is always were on time with set-up; their presentation is beautiful; and, most importantly, the food gets rave reviews. They are fantastic in all areas from their servers, to beautiful displays to the way they create a menu that is perfect for the occasion!”

– DHARI THEIN, Director of the Heritage Homes Division, Podley Properties

What our clients see and taste...