High-End Catering

for your High-End Events

High-End Catering

for your High-End Events

Ask and you shall receive...

“The standard for deluxe catering in Greater Los Angeles has been set by Modern Art Catering, the dynamic company spearheaded by entrepreneur Chef/Owner, Daniel Shemtob.”

Launched in late 2010, Modern Art Catering was in response to the begging and pleading from the entertainment industry, museums and galleries, architectural industry, fundraisers and other high-end event-throwers. They needed high end fair to accompany discussions in which billion-dollar deals could be made over a seemingly casual cocktail and appetizer. The usual suspects on the Los Angeles catering scene had run out of ideas, tediously reheating concepts from a decade earlier.

Based on growing buzz from a few choice industry events and high-profile private bashes catered by Modern Art, we entered the scene with a contemporary, global approach. Our Chef’s recipes, such as cumin-crusted butter-poached lobster, or cilantro-jalapeño hummus, marry the precise, refined methodology of classical French cooking with vibrant ingredients reflecting diverse ethnic cooking traditions. Earthy, intense flavors and brilliant colors meet with stylized, witty presentation to create sensual luxury that feels young, cool, and urban.

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Locally Sourced & Organic Food

We buy locally sourced produce and meats, supporting organic farmers and caring ranches.


Cooking, like all art, does not stand still.

In addition to creating unique menus for corporate events and private gatherings, MAC also develops catering programs for corporate meetings (clients include yoga brand Lululemon’s headquarters in San Diego, where the fare is strictly organic), gourmet interpretations of studio “craft services” tables, and  wrap parties for the entertainment industry. Because here in Los Angeles, even the most laid-back gathering may wield tremendous influence, such as the casual dinner the MAC team created for Peter Fonda.

Our Chef recalls, “We made some great lamb with a carrot gelee, artichoke tzaziki, and a beet vinaigrette, after starting the menu with a soup of roasted fingerling potatoes, red onion marmalade and a sweet onion broth.”

An earlier fete, which helped to put Modern Art on the upscale catering map, was the wildly inventive holiday cocktail party which the Modern Art team threw for the acclaimed architectural firm of Richard Meier and Partners. The setting was the Meier-designed Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills, which Chef Antoun used as thematic inspiration, creating a selection of hors d’oeuvres based upon the artworks of Picasso, Rothko, Hockney, Albers, Flavin, Miró and Hirst.

Cooking, like all of the arts, does not stand still. We love the traditional techniques, and use them to make the most of the colors and aromatic aspects of foods which are now available year-round here in California. And, we find that food is made even more delicious when it’s accessible and easy to eat.