Lazy Dog Menu Prices Including Happy Hour & Late Night Meals

Do you have to leave your dog at home when dining out? That hurts. Why not take them with you to have some lazy time with delicious food?

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar is known for the pooch-friendly, easy-going comfy spot with a sophisticated menu with TV dinners that you can treat both yourself and your dog.

The menu as well as the atmosphere is the definition of creativity that you must visit and experience.

You got starters, small plates, meat + chicken, sandwiches, burgers, soups, noodles, pork bowls, desserts, happy hour and so more.

Most importantly, the pup menu for your best buddy. Family time?  Brunch with friends?  Lazy Dog has something for all your occasions.

Friends & family meals, weekend brunch menu, Kids meals, and even road trip bowls to take you on a flavorful adventure.

Hey food critic, try out Lazy Dog seasonal menu that is made uniquely for every season with innovative flavors to bring something new to your table throughout the year. Yes, that sounds interesting!

Are you busy or too lazy to go out? Lazy Dog got you covered with their famous TV Dinners menu just for $10.

It’s frozen and packed in retro-style trays, you can simply bake and enjoy this filling meal.

Best of all is that Lazy Dog offers you 100% scratch-made food with their in-house condiments.

Everything on your plate from your lamb and pork to salad ingredients is collected from their partnered farmers. So, you get the best of both worlds here: “Delicious & Nutritious”.

Lazy Dog Beer Club is something you should not slip away from. You can quench your thirst with their wide range of hand-crafted beer & cocktails.  

Wait, here’s the good news, all lazy dog beer club members can take home a pack of crisp and refreshing beers on your sign up and active members are quarterly offered a themed beer kit. So, beer lovers, this is the right spot!

There are a bunch of offers & discounts, happy hour, and birthday surprises as well. Sign Up for their E-Club today to enjoy exclusive offers.

Lazy Dog TV Dinners Menu

4 Cheese Lasagna [new]1720$10.00
Buy five Get One Free$50.00
Pot Pie1320$10.00
Roasted Turkey$10.00
Pot Roast1600$10.00
Lemon Chicken1670$10.00
Fried Chicken1750$10.00
Cheese Enchiladas1620$10.00
Salisbury Steak1830$10.00
Chicken Parmesan1630$10.00

Lazy Dog Sandwiches & Burgers

Baja California Burger970$15.95
Veggie (BBQ) Burger1100$15.75
Ranch Bacon Burger (BBQ)1050$15.95
Black & Blue Burger1100$15.95
Bison Burger970$19.25
PB and J Burger1340$16.75
Chicken (Fried) Sandwich1090$15.95
All American Burger980$15.50
House Club Sandwich970$15.50
Beef (Pot Roast) Dip1130$16.25
Chicken (Walnut) Salad Sandwich1060$13.95
Five Cheese (Grilled)Sandwich980$12.95

Meat, Chicken & Fish 

Campfire Pot Roast1020$19.95
Chicken Cordon Bleu1510$19.95
Flat Iron Steak1300$25.75
BBQ Bison Meatloaf1200$22.95
BBQ Pork Ribs (St. Louis Style) (Small)2270$21.25
BBQ Pork Ribs (St. Louis Style) (Large)3190$27.95
Chicken Pot Pie1320$17.95
Lemon Chicken (Grilled)880$19.75
Chicken Parmesan1290$19.25
Fried Chicken Dinner1590$19.95
Ginger Soy Salmon1060/1090$23.50
Fish (Beer Battered) & Chips2170$19.95
Ahi Tuna (Sesame Crusted )530$24.25
Fish Tacos1560$16.95

Lazy Dog Lunch Specials

Half Sandwich & salad1560-2010$9.75
Soup & Salad280-780$8.75
Shrimp (Grilled) Tacos1020$11.75
Chicken Parmesan (Lunch Portion)850$12.50
Battered Fish & Chips (Lunch Portion)1670$13.95
Teriyaki Bowl (Lunch Portion)390$12.95
Sweet & Spicy Bowl (Lunch Portion)612$12.95
Dirty Dog1740$1,025.00
Kung Pao Bowl (Lunch Portion)610$12.95

Sweet Tooth

Chocolate Brownie Sundae$9.50
Butter Cake1240$9.95
Triple Chocolate Mousse950$7.75
Banana Pudding$7.75
Open Face Pie (Apple Huckleberry)590$9.75


DIY Peach Bellini (750ml)$20.00
DIY Mimosa 750ml$20.00
Cheesy Eggs & Avocado Toast980/1450$13.50
Breakfast Burger1490$16.25
Breakfast Burrito1870$13.95
Veggie Omelet820/1260$12.50
Breakfast Club1140/1620$13.25
Country Quiche1250/1630$13.95
Country Chickens and Biscuit1710$15.50
Biscuit & Gravy1120$6.50
4 Cheese Quiche1530/1910$12.75
Donut Holes530$6.50
Bacon Candy250$8.75
Top Dog Breakfast (Kids)510$6.25
French Toast Dippers (Kids Housemade)490$5.95
Side Watermelon$3.25
Side Hash Browns$2.75

Lazy Dog Happy Hour & Late Night Food 

(Happy Hour are available Mon-Fri & Late Night- food are available Sun-Thurs) *Times vary by location.

Spacedust Wings$9.00
Corn Dogs & Fries$6.00
Goat Cheese & Pepper Jelly$9.00
Street Corn Fries$6.00
Parmesan Chips (Waffle Cut)$3.00
Cajun Fries$3.00
Hush Puppies (Loaded Potato)$5.00
Sweet Potato Tots$4.00
Buffalo Chicken Nuggets$6.00
Bacon Candy$7.00
Crispy Deviled Eggs$6.00
Onion Rings$4.00
Dirty Dog$6.00
Brussels Sprouts$7.00
Queso Dip$8.00
Buffalo Wings$8.00
Wok Fired Calamari$9.00
Togarashi Edamame Beans$6.00
Chicken Lettuce Wraps$7.00
Buffalo Cauliflower$5.00
Chipotle Chicken Quesadilla$9.00

Happy Hour – Drinks

Final Lap (16 oz.)$6.95
Final Lap (22 oz.)$8.95
Cranbert (16 oz.)$6.95
Cranbert (22 oz.)$8.95
Its On (16 oz.)$6.95
Its On(22 oz.)$8.95
Hop Attack (16 oz.)$6.95
Hop Attack (22 oz.)$8.95
Goose Island Matilda (16 oz.)$6.25
Goose Island Matilda (22 oz.)$8.25
Allergeez (16 oz.)$6.25
Allergeez (22 oz.)$8.25
Slow Pour Nostalgia (16 oz.)$6.95
Slow Pour Nostalgia (22 oz.)$8.95
Kona Big Wave (16 oz.)$6.25
Kona Big Wave (22 oz.)$8.25
Fruit Mango Martini (Passion) [new] $11.95
Iris Tunnel Vision (Bearded) (16 oz.)$6.25
Iris Tunnel Vision (Bearded) (22 oz.)$8.25
Ankle Buster Blonde (16 oz.)$5.00
Ankle Buster Blonde (22 oz.)$8.25
Blue Hawaiian [new] $11.95
Sunspanked Red (16 oz.)$5.00
Sunspanked Red (22 oz.)$8.75
Huckleberry Haze IPA (16 oz.)$5.00
Huckleberry Haze IPA (22 oz.)$8.95
Nellie Lager, Whoa (16 oz.)$5.00
Nellie Lager, Whoa (22 oz.)$8.75
Liquid Blanket (16 oz.)$5.00
Liquid Blanket (22 oz.)$9.00
Pal White Ale (Old) (16 oz.)$5.00
Pal White Ale (Old) (22 oz.)$8.75
Bonita Bonita (16 oz.)$5.00
Bonita Bonita (22 oz.)$8.75
Coors Light (16 oz.)$3.00
Coors Light (22 oz.)$6.75
Bud Light (16 oz.)$3.00
Bud Light (22 oz.)$6.75
Chardonnay, Arroyo Seco Monterey (J. Lohr Riverstone) (6 oz)$6.00
Chardonnay, Flat Rock (California)(6 oz)$4.00
Red Sangria (Pomegranate) (6 oz)$6.00
Cabernet, Dark Horse (Sauvignon) 6 oz$5.00
House Beer Sampler$7.50
Flat Rock, Merlot (California) 6 oz$4.00
White Peach Sangria$6.00
Red Sangria Pitcher (Pomegranate)$15.00
Raspberry Rose Sangria$6.00
Sangria Pitcher (White Peach)$15.00
Sangria Pitcher (Raspberry Rose)$15.00
Reposado Margarita (Lunazul)$5.00
Drop Martini (Pink Lemon)$6.00
Rum (Sailor Jerry) & Coke$6.00
Vodka Your Way (Deep Eddy)$6.00
Cucumber & Mint Martini$7.00
Well Drinks$4.00
Cowboy Up$4.00

Starters & Small Plates

Cheddar Cheese Curds 770$9.50
Street Corn Fries1700$11.95
Chicken Lettuce Wraps580$15.50
Goat Cheese + Pepper Jelly960$13.75
Cajun Fries760$7.95
Crispy Wings1830$15.75
Jumbo Coconut Shrimp630$13.95
Wok Fired Calamari1200/1240$15.95
Chicken (Chipotle) Quesadilla1420$16.25
Queso Dip1140$12.95
Bacon Candy250$8.75
Brussels Sprouts470$9.50
Buffalo Chicken Nuggets1390$8.75
Sweet Potato Tots720$6.95
Togarashi Edamame Beans540$8.75
Crispy Deviled Eggs750$9.25
Hush Puppies (Fried)870$7.95
Buffalo Cauliflower930$8.50

Roadtrip Bowls

Cheeseburger FryBowl1370$11.95
Curry Chicken910$12.75
Chicken (Blackened) Burrito Bowl930$12.75
Veggies (Roasted) & Butternut Squash (chilled)820$11.95
Ribeye Bibimbap (Korean)720$15.75
Mediterranean Chicken780$12.75
Citrus Dill Salmon (chilled)780$15.75
Ahi Tuna (Chili Crunch)650$15.75

Bowls & Noodles

Teriyaki Bowl (Chicken)$18.95
Teriyaki Bowl (Shrimp)$21.25
Teriyaki Bowl (Tofu)$15.25
Sweet & Spicy Bowl(Chicken)$18.95
Sweet & Spicy Bowl(Shrimp)$21.25
Sweet & Spicy Bowl(Tofu)$15.25
Fettuccine Alfredo1360$15.50
Kung Pao Bowl(Chicken)$18.95
Kung Pao Bowl(Shrimp)$21.25
Kung Pao Bowl(Tofu)$15.25
Thai Noodles1430$21.25
Spaghetti Squash & Beetballs910$18.50
Fettuccine Alfredo and Chicken$19.75

Soups, Salads & Veggies

Spaghetti Squash with Beetballs910$18.50
Thai Chicken Salad440$15.95
Fried Chicken(Southern) Salad1140$16.95
Tex Mex Salad670$16.25
Chicken (Grilled) Caesar Salad750$14.95
Cobb Salad920$15.50
Chicken Tortilla Soup (Cup)230-350$6.50
Chicken Tortilla Soup (Bowl)230-350$8.50
Ahi (Seared) Tuna Salad500$20.75

Kid’s Menu

Chicken Nuggets (Hand-Breaded)780$6.25
Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (with carrots)300$6.25
Chicken Teriyaki and Rice (Steamed)960/990$6.95
All Beef Hot Dog (Nathan’s)410$6.95
Corn Dogs Bites390$7.75
Noodles (Plain, Butter or Marinara)270/630$6.25

Cocktails Menu

Fruit Mango Martini (Passion new)210$11.95
NewYork Sour$12.75
Ginger Fizz (Lemon)200$11.50
Blue Hawaiian (new) 220$11.95
Maple Bacon Old Fashioned (Smoked) 240$13.50
Rum Barrel Punch200$12.25
Huckleberry Mule210$11.75
Moscow Mule180$11.75
Irish Mule180$11.75
Sangria Sampler210$11.50
Backcountry Mule170$11.75
Pomegranate Red Pitcher680-720$21.95
Pomegranate Red Sangria160-200$10.50
Raspberry Rose Pitcher680-720$21.95
Raspberry Rose Sangria160-200$10.50
White Peach Sangria160-200$10.50
White Peach Pitcher680-720$21.95
Pineapple Mojito200$12.50
Coconut Mojito130$12.50
Ruby Red Grapefruit Margarita150$12.25
The Traditional Mojito150$9.95
Cucumber + Mint160$11.75
Mango Chile Margarita180$12.50
Pink Lemon Drop170$10.95
Wild Blueberry + Lemon160$11.95

Beer Menu

Final Lap (16 oz.)$7.95
Final Lap (22 oz.)$9.95
Cranbert (16 oz.)$7.95
Cranbert (22 oz.)$9.95
It’s On (16 oz.)$7.95
It’s On (22 oz.)$9.95
Hop Attack(16 oz.)$7.95
Hop Attack (22 oz.)$9.95
Allergeez (16 oz.)$7.25
Allergeez (22 oz.)$9.25
Kona Big Wave (16 oz.)$7.25
Kona Big Wave (22 oz.)$9.25
Goose Island Matilda (16 oz.)$7.25
Goose Island Matilda (22 oz.)$9.25
Bearded Iris Tunnel Vision (16 oz.)$7.25
Bearded Iris Tunnel Vision (22 oz.)$9.25
Slow Pour Nostalgia (16 oz.)$7.25
Slow Pour Nostalgia (22 oz.)$9.25
Huckleberry Haze IPA(16 oz.)$7.95
Huckleberry Haze IPA (22 oz.)$9.95
Blonde (Ankle Buster) (16 oz.)$7.25
Blonde (Ankle Buster) (22 oz.)$9.25
Mexican Style Lager (Whoa, Nellie)(16 oz.)$7.75
Mexican Style Lager (Whoa, Nellie) (22 oz.)$9.75
Sunspanked Red (16 oz.)$7.75
Sunspanked Red  (22 oz.)$9.75
Liquid Blanket IPA (16 oz.)$8.00
Liquid Blanket IPA (22 oz.)$10.00
Mountain style Pale Ale (Bonita, Bonita) (16 oz.)$8.00
Mountain style Pale Ale (Bonita, Bonita) (22 oz.)$10.00
White Ale (Old Pal) (16 oz.)$7.75
White Ale (Old Pal)  (22 oz.)$9.75
Bud Light (16 oz.)$5.75
Bud Light (22 oz.)$7.75
Blue Moon (16 oz.)$7.50
Blue Moon (22 oz.)$9.50
Modelo Especial(16 oz.)$7.75
Modelo Especial (22 oz.)$9.75
Coors Light(16 oz.)$5.75
Coors Light (22 oz.)$7.75

Wine Menu

Chardonnay (Flat Rock)6 oz.$7.75
Chardonnay (Flat Rock)9 oz.$10.50
Chardonnay (Flat Rock)Bottle$28.00
Pinot Grigio (Three Thieves)6 oz.$8.75
Pinot Grigio (Three Thieves)9 oz.$11.50
Pinot Grigio (Three Thieves)Bottle$31.00
Cabernet Sauvignon (Dark Horse)6 oz.$8.50
Cabernet Sauvignon (Dark Horse)9 oz.$11.50
Cabernet Sauvignon (Dark Horse)Bottle$30.00
Chardonnay (J. Lohr Riverstone)6 oz.$9.75
Chardonnay (J. Lohr Riverstone)9 oz.$12.75
Chardonnay (J. Lohr Riverstone)Bottle$35.00
Merlot (Duckhorn Decoy)6 oz.$11.75
Merlot (Duckhorn Decoy)9 oz.$15.75
Merlot (Duckhorn Decoy)Bottle$44.00
Pinot Noir (Angeline)6 oz.$9.75
Pinot Noir (Angeline)9 oz.$12.75
Pinot Noir (Angeline)Bottle$34.00
Red Blend (The Prisoner)6 oz.$15.75
Red Blend (The Prisoner)9 oz.$20.50
Red Blend (The Prisoner)Bottle$60.00
Cabernet Sauvignon (Justin)6 oz.$13.25
Cabernet Sauvignon (Justin)9 oz.$17.25
Cabernet Sauvignon (Justin)Bottle$47.00
Brut Rose(Sofia)Bottle$8.25
Chardonnay (Cakebread Cellars)6 oz.$15.75
Chardonnay (Cakebread Cellars)9 oz.$20.50
Chardonnay (Cakebread Cellars)Bottle$64.00
Brut (Freixenet)Bottle$22.00
Prosecco (La Marca)Bottle$9.25
Cabernet Sauvignon (Imagery)6 oz.$10.75
Cabernet Sauvignon (Imagery)9 oz.$14.75
Cabernet Sauvignon (Imagery)Bottle$40.00
Merlot (Flat Rock)6 oz.$7.75
Merlot (Flat Rock)9 oz.$10.50
Merlot (Flat Rock)Bottle$28.00
Chardonnay (The Arsonist)6 oz.$12.75
Chardonnay (The Arsonist)9 oz.$16.75
Chardonnay (The Arsonist)Bottle$47.00
Sauvignon Blanc (Kim Crawford)6 oz.$10.75
Sauvignon Blanc (Kim Crawford)9 oz.$14.50
Sauvignon Blanc (Kim Crawford)Bottle$39.00
Sauvignon Blanc (Tribute)6 oz.$10.75
Sauvignon Blanc (Tribute)9 oz.$14.50
Sauvignon Blanc (Tribute)Bottle$39.00
Rose (Tinto Rey)6 oz.$8.95
Rose (Tinto Rey)9 oz.$11.75
Rose (Tinto Rey)Bottle$32.00

Late Night Drinks

Mango Martini (Passion Fruit)210$11.95
Blue Hawaiian (ketel one vodka, myers’s platinum white rum)220$11.95
Ankle Buster Blonde (with touch of sweetness) – 16 oz$5.00
Ankle Buster Blonde (with touch of sweetness) – 11 oz$7.75
Huckleberry Haze IPA (refreshing notes of huckleberry)- 16 oz$5.00
Huckleberry Haze IPA (refreshing notes of huckleberry)- 11 oz$8.75
Sunspanked Red- 16 oz$5.00
Sunspanked Red- 11 oz$8.50
Whoa, Nellie Lager- 16 oz$5.00
Whoa, Nellie Lager- 11 oz$8.75
Old Pal White Ale- 16 oz$5.00
Old Pal White Ale- 11 oz$8.50
Liquid Blanket IPA- 16 oz$5.00
Liquid Blanket IPA- 11 oz$8.75
Bonita Bonita- 16 oz$5.00
Bonita Bonita- 11 oz$8.75
Bud Light- 16 oz$3.00
Bud Light- 11 oz$6.75
Coors Light- 16 oz$3.00
Coors Light- 11 oz$6.75
House Beer Sampler340$7.50
Chardonnay (J. Lohr Riverstone) 6 oz170$6.00
Chardonnay (Flat Rock) 6 oz170$4.00
Chardonnay (Flat Rock) 6 oz170$4.00
Merlot (Flat Rock) 6 oz165$4.00
Cabernet (Dark Horse)175$5.00
Sangria: Pomegranate Red 160-180$6.00
Sangria Pitcher: Pomegranate Red680-720$15.00
Sangria: White Peach 160-180$6.00
Sangria: Raspberry Rosé 160-180$6.00
Sangria Pitcher: Raspberry Rosé 680-720$15.00
Margarita: Lunazul Reposado 190$5.00
Rum (Sailor Jerry) + Coke150$6.00
Martini: Pink Lemon Drop 170$6.00
Mint Martini + Cucumber160$7.00
Martini (Asian Pear)190$7.00
Vodka Your Way (Deep Eddy)100-200$6.00
Cowboy Up (choice of Tequila)$4.00
Well Drinks (Gilbeys Gin, Lunazul Tequila, Gilbeys Vodka, Evan Williams Whiskey)$4.00

Handcrafted Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Coconut Pineapple (Agua Fresca) 90$4.75
Citrus Soda (Strawberry)100$4.75
Jamaican Lemonade 90$4.75
Cucumber Thyme Lemonade (fresh cucumber, lemon)110$4.75
Pink Lemonade (Housemade)$4.25
Strawberry Lemonade$4.25
Housemade Ginger Beer$4.75


Coke Zero$3.85
Diet Coke$3.45
Minute Maid Light Lemonade15$3.45
Root Beer (Barq’s)160$3.45
Dr Pepper200$3.45
Iced Tea: China Mist Black $3.45
Iced Tea: Decaf$3.45
Orange Fanta160$3.45
Red Bull (4 Pack)$12.00
Red Bull Sugar-Free (4 Pack)$12.00

Popular Items of Lazy Dog

Every dish at Lazy Dog is significantly different in flavor. Here are some highly recommended yummies for you and your doggie from the Lazy Dog menu. What’s for you:

01. Sweet Corn Fries

This new addition to the menu is a top-selling Lazy Dog favorite. You can taste both your favorite French fries and charred sweet corn together with melted mozzarella on top.

Also, garnished with tomato and lime juice to bring that sour taste while Queso Blanco is added to bring an extra cheesy vibe.

02. Queso Dip

If you love stringy cheesy dishes to kick off your meal, Queso Dip is the best.

Cheddar, Queso Blanco, jack, and Pimento cheese are in perfect harmony while you can also enjoy cilantro black beans, and hatch chilies, in every crunchy bite of tortilla chip dipped in this.

03. The PB & J Burger

There are a bunch of burgers on the menu, but the combination here is phenomenal.

It’s loaded with a generous size of grilled beef patty, candied bacon & grape jelly to add sweetness.

It also includes pickles & onion to bring the salt and sour flavor. To add more it features Havarti cheese, peanut butter, tomato, and lettuce.

04. Protein Bowl

Make your bowl with your choice of protein: chicken, shrimp, tofu, and the preparation style you like.  It is served with, again your choice of rice, brown or steamed rice.

05. Banana Pudding

The must-try dessert in the Lazy Dog sweet tooth range. Banana cream pudding & chunks of banana topped with airy whipped creams and crunchy old-school nilla wafers.

06. Puppy Yummies

Your buddy can select their choice of protein: chicken patty or hamburger patty, both perfectly grilled.

Treat day must be nutritious as well, with brown rice and veggies served along to fulfill that.

A Bowl of water is a complimentary item on this menu. So, get your dog to have a barkastic day!

07. Pepper’s Pack

All kiddos love the happy meal, and so does your canine friend. This exclusive member pack comes with $2 dog meals, dog toys, treats, surprises, and many more.

Order From Lazy Dog Today

You can order your tempting meal while staying cozy & comfortable with the Lazy Dog website, Doordash, FoodJa, Grubhub, and Uber Eats.

Here’s how to order from their official website:

Step 1

You can first check the menu or directly click “Order” on their website. Either way is easy.

Step 2

Select the type of delivery & time. You can enter your home address to deliver or simply enter your city to find the nearest outlet.

Step 3

Browse the Lazy Dog menu and select items for you and your dog’s favorites.

Step 4

Proceed to checkout with added items to the cart. You can also checkout as a guest.

Payment Options of Lazy Dogs

Available payment methods at Lazy Dog to checkout your order are as follows: Credit card, Gift Card. They also accept payment from other platforms such as:

  • Debit card,
  • PayPal,
  • Apple Pay
  • Venmo

Delivery Options

Here are all the options to get your food delivered so that you can enjoy your lunch, weekend brunch, family dinner, or dog day out.

Delivery methodAvailabilityWhat to know?
Dine inYesYou can book a table prior visit
Patio Dine inYesPatio rules
Pick upYes 
Home DeliveryYesFree delivery: order above $25
Take outYes 

Important Links of Lazy Dog

To find out more about the topics discussed earlier, please visit the websites linked below.

Corporate Office3337 Susan St STE 100, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Contact Number(714) 591-9960
Official Website  
Lazy Dog Menu  
Dog Menu  
Beer Club  
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Happy Hour  
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Story of Lazy Dog Restaurant

Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar was founded in 2003, by Chris Simms & his father in the beautiful countryside of Huntington Beach, California.

Currently, they are operating with more than 40 outlets across 8 states to deliver the beauty of food.

Chris wanted this place to be kid-friendly while screening the homey countryside vibe.

Fireplaces, chandeliers, large windows, ledge stones, and country music playing giving a rocky mountain atmosphere along with delicious seasonal dishes is the perfect holiday escape for your busy lifestyle.

Inhouse brewery, scratch made with in-house condiments, and on top of that, the patio to give your dog the best treatment is just wonderful!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Called Lazy Dog?

The owner, Chris Simms wanted everybody to leave all worries behind and feel super relaxed and comfy at Lazy Dog.

What is Lazy Dog Known For?

People love Lazy Dog for offering Frozen TV Dinners, Patio Dining, Weekend Brunch, and Family Meals for a super affordable price.

What is Lazy Dog’s Star Rating?

The current star rating is 4.0 based on 660 reviews.

Is Lazy Dog Food Frozen?

The TV dinner menu is a scratch-made frozen dish that comes with an entrée, side, and dessert.

You can enjoy it at home. It only needs a couple of minutes in the oven to get warm.

Can I Take My Dog To Lazy Dog?

Absolutely, yes. Get your pooch some yummies and playtime at the Lazy Dog Patio dining area.

Does Lazy Dog Offer Gluten-Sensitive?

Yes. You can check gluten-sensitive soups, salads to different meaty dishes on their menu.

Final Thoughts

Lazy Dog got your back if you’re looking to relax with your family, friends, and your pooch at any time of the day, month, or year.

You are absolutely entitled to experience different & innovative chef’s kiss dishes with different themes and different offers with a worry-free mind.

Dog day is a fun day; family day is a lovely day; with Lazy Dog every day is a Lazy day, we mean a “comfy day”.