Cava Menu Prices – Popular Pitas & Bowls (Updated February 2023)

Founded by three childhood friends, along with a fourth co-founder, Cava offers quite a unique food experience.

The founders wanted to instill a taste of their immigrant heritage and the connections, emotions, and bonds formed through food.

Cava offers a healthy range of Mediterranean food served in a fast-casual style.  

Cava’s menu has six sections: Bowls, Pita, Kid’s Meal, Drinks, Desserts, and Sides.

There are 5 pre-made bowl selections, and 3 bowls in a Build-Your-Own style, including Salad Bowl, Grains Bowl, and Greens + Grains Bowl.

Pre-made selections has both chicken and vegetarian salad options.

The chicken options are Balsamic Date Chicken, Harissa Avocado Bowl (with harissa honey chicken), Chicken + Right rice, and Greek Salad (with grilled chicken).

The only vegan bowl is Lentil Avocado Bowl, which has lentil tabbouleh, falafel, a variety of veggies, and hummus.

Pitas can also be ordered in a Build-Your-Own version. If not, there are 5 given selections, including the vegan Crispy Falafel Pita.

The other choices are Sweet + Spicy Chicken, Spicy Chicken + Avocado, Greek Chicken, and Spicy Lamb Meatball.

The Kid’s Menu also has a mini build-Your-Own pita with sides of carrots or pita chips. Beverage selection for the Kid’s Menu is between milk or juice.

Drinks menus at Cava offers a range of beverages from lemonades, iced teas, juices, soda, milks, and water (sparkling and still).

There are three types of desserts to choose from to add to your meal: Salted Chocolate Oat Cookie, Greyston Blondie, and Greyston Brownie.

Cava’s sides include side pitas, pita chips, and spreads/ dips such as hummus, tzatziki, harissa, and feta.

Most popular menu items at Cava are from their Bowl and Pita sections.

Falafel based options are highly recommended by customers, followed closely by their sweet and spicy chicken pita.

The Side Roasted Eggplant is chosen by most customers as part of their order due to its delicious taste.

Cava Pitas Menu

Crispy Falafel955$10.97
Sweet + Spicy Chicken740$12.17
Spicy Lamb Meatball865$12.97
Spicy Chicken + Avocado1030$14.62
Greek Chicken895$10.97
Build Your Own

Cava Bowls

Harissa Avocado Bowl885$14.62
Balsamic Date Chicken645$10.97
Chicken + Rightrice745$11.60
Lentil Avocado Bowl770$13.42
Greek Salad600$10.97
Build Your Own
Greens + Grains Bowl360-1495$10.97
Grains Bowl480-1660$10.97
Salad Bowl240-1330$10.97

Kid’s Meal

(Includes Side & Kids Drink)

Kid’s Pita505-1210$6.80


Pita Chips280$2.15
Crazy Feta210$3.45
Roasted Eggplant150$3.05
Red Pepper Hummus90$3.05


Greyston Blondie140$2.00
Salted Chocolate Oat Cookie290$2.99
Greyston Brownie150$2.00


Blueberry Lavender90$3.00
Pineapple Apple Mint70$3.00
Classic Lemonade180$3.00
Cucumber Mint Lime110$3.00
Fountain Soda110$3.00
Jasmine Tea$3.00
Spindrift Half Tea and Half Lemon5$2.65
Spindrift Lemon3$2.65
Sparkling Water$2.65
Still Water$2.65
Kid’s Milk110$2.15
Kid’s Apple Juice40$2.15
Kid’s Chocolate Milk150$2.15

Delivery Methods Cava

In StoreYes
Drive Thru Yes
Home Delivery Yes
Curbside Pickup Yes

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Contact Number(301) 825-5058

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Related Questions

Does Cava Offer Delivery?

Yes, you can place orders directly on their website or on other apps such as DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Postmates.   

Can I Order Catering From Cava?

Cava provides catering in select locations which can be checked on their official website. The catering menu is also available online.

Does Cava Offer a Rewards Program?

Yes, Cava has a rewards program through which customers obtain an $8 reward after a spend of $88. For more information you can visit on the website or app.  

What Are The Options Given in Build-Your-Own Pita?

Customers can choose from any three of Cava dips, one full portion or two half-portions of a protein or roasted vegetables, two dressings, and any number of toppings for their pitas.

Is Cava’s Menu Vegan Friendly?

Cava’s menu is known to be vegan friendly with multiple vegan options including lentils and falafel.

Related Questions

Cava is a stand-out amongst fast-casual restaurants because it focuses on healthy dining.

The restaurant offers food for vegans and non-vegans in satisfying and nourishing portions.

The Build-Your-Own categories give the customers a lot of control over what they want to eat according to personal tastes and preferences.

There are not many places one can enjoy Mediterranean cuisine on a budget while also experiencing the authentic tastes, whereas Cava provides this distinctive experience.