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Modern Art Catering is an online platform where you will get the leading fast food chain like McDonald’s, Starbucks menu, and catering price ideas, before you go to a restaurant you will get a concept of the menu items and price, and you will be ready to dive in.

Founder – John Hamilton

John Hamilton

Hi, I am John Hamilton founder of ModernArtCatering.com. I love to explore and taste different kinds of fast food, my taste bud is curious you can say. Tasting various fast food is one of my passions.

With my friends and family, I arrange parties to celebrate occasions like Thanksgiving, as my gathering group is large, I order from many catering services such as Chick-Fil-A, Costco, Walmart, and Buffalo Wild Wings.

McDonald’s is my favorite among them, and the “Happy Meal” of McDonald’s is my go-to meal which delights my taste buds.

Not only from one or two catering, I tried many caterings as much as possible to satisfy my cravings, it’s my hobby.

While placing an order from fast food chain shop or catering service, I faced a great problem that is some restaurants have not stated their menu or catering price directly, even you have to register and install their app to see the menu price which is very complicated.

It’s kind of tricky, you have to hunt it out from their site sometimes which is difficult as a user.

That’s why I have created ModernArtCatering.com to provide the menu and catering price list in an easy format so readers can get the price concept of fast food at a glance without hunting. This will help people to budget their money.

How Do We Collect The Menu and Catering Prices of The Restaurant?

We gather the data from the restaurant’s official website selecting different states. We also compare prices between the official site and the third-party delivery system like UberEATS, Door dash, GRUBHUB, etc.

How Accurate is The Price Given on Our Website?

The price given on our website is the average of the restaurant’s different state prices.

We update the price of the catering and menu price monthly so, you will remain up to date with us.

Senior Content Editor – Aaron


Aaron has different taste buds from me. He is the most brilliant and talented man I met ever. He is very passionate try numerous restaurants’ food. Starbucks is Aaron’s favorite food chain and Starbucks Blonde Vanilla Latte is his pick.

Aaron ensures the quality of the content as well as confirms the information in the content is accurate.

He is responsible to guide our writers to prepare well researcher content maintaining accuracy as the reader can rely upon it.

Otilia Wilson – Project Manager

Otilia Wilson

Otilia Wilson is a mom of two children, she is a food blogger.

Her strong leadership and organizational skill help us ensure the content quality and formatting with accurate information on time.

She manages the budget and makes sure of collaboration between our other team members.

Otilia’s favorite food restaurant is Wendy’s, she is a great fan of Wendy’s breakfast.

Angel Gomez – Content Publisher

Angel Gomez

Angel Gomez is responsible to arrange the content from the editors and manage to publish it on our site.

He was a school teacher before joining our team, he found working with us fascinating and Angel is a great lover of fast food.

Now, he is fully dedicated to our company with his hard work and efforts to bring our site to achieve a new milestone.

Burger King is his favorite chain; he loves to enjoy double patty burgers.

Tharushi Abeynayaka  – Writer

Tharushi Abeynayaka

Tharushi Abeynayaka is one of our top talented writers, she is working with us for a long time.

Tharushi has a vast knowledge of the fast-food industry; her expertise is the reason to create valuable informative latest trendy food articles.

Tharushi is very capable of writing well-structured content creation.

Her favorite food chain is SONIC, Strawberry Limeade is her to-go drink.

Find Tharushi on Linkedin.

Andreea Deculescu – Writer

Andreea Deculescu

Andreea Deculescu is an extremely talented writer on our website, she wrote a lot of engaging, best user-experienced articles.

Her passion and devotion to our website brought a lot of valuable content which is helping people to find out the latest menu with prices and catering packages available to many renowned chain shops. Andreea’s favorite choice is Pepperoni Pizza from Pizza Hut.

We aim to deliver the most accurate and the most up-to-date information at ModernArtCatering.com for the menu and catering prices.

We hope you find ModernArtCatering helpful, and valuable, and thanks for staying with us.

Please reach out to us for any queries or suggestions feel free to contact us at info@modernartcatering.com